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Gathering Past Customers – How to Retain them and Nurture Them
“Ready or not, here I come!”
Remember those endless summer days as kids? Hiding and waiting, hoping not to be discovered? Or feeling absolutely
certain that your playmates had disappeared into thin air, never to be found?
When it comes to the endless quests for leads and conversions, digital marketing can often feel a little like seeking
the best hiders in the entire neighborhood. Sometimes you may even feel ready to quit and walk away. Don’t do that.
It just might be that our leads have left you a trail of breadcrumbs. Fortunately, birds don’t favor digital breadcrumbs, nor have we seen any witches in the woods lately.
In this series extrapolated from stuff provided by Infusionsoft, I’ll expose ten places your missing leads might be hiding and show you how to bring them back into your sales funnel.
Reason No 1 – Abandoned Cart
Have you ever shopped with your favorite online retailer, put something in your cart and never completed the purchase?
If yes, turns out you’re not alone. Research shows that although abandoned carts lost almost 4 trillion dollars, 63 percent of
that total may be recoverable via the use of savvy email marketing.
Why do shoppers abandon purchases? The top reasons include:
  1. Unexpectedly high shipping costs
  2. Not yet ready to make the purchase
  3. Comparing prices between competitors
  4. Price was too high
It costs far less to retain a customer than it does to attract a new one, and it is easier to convince a previous purchaser to press “buy now” again than it is to convert someone who has never bought from you before. Your past purchasers are already familiar with you, your products, and your services. And they were receptive to your messaging in the past. This means the hardest part of your job—earning someone’s trust—is already done.
Encouraging a past customer to buy again, often called remarketing, has impressive success rates. According to Salescycle,
remarketing email open rates average 57 percent and a 30 percent conversion rate (versus a typical 21 percent open rate and 3 percent conversion rate).
All you need to do now is to do a little experimentation to figure out the best incentive to bring those customers back to purchase again.
Look out for more stuff on the channel here on re-engaging with your lost customers or contact us at Kashworks.com, or just leave us a small message and we will revert.