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Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivation campaigns help you improve your overall revenue, email metrics, and email deliverability and inboxing. Reactivation campaigns offer a multitude of benefits to marketers, including:
Maximize ROI
Reactivation campaigns help you identify your most active, valuable email recipients as well as valuable recipients that haven’t engaged in a while. Reactivating inactive but valuable recipients is much cheaper than acquiring new names; you’ve already acquired the name—now you just need to trigger past customers to purchase again.
Increase Email Engagement
The bottom line here is that the everyday campaigns you run do not engage all of your subscribers. Perhaps the language or the offers are not enticing or relevant enough to keep them engaged. And if it’s been a long time since their last engagement, they may just get tired of hearing from you and mark your emails as spam. Rather than letting that happen, you can use a reactivation campaign to proactively ask them if they still want to receive communications from you. By determining which subscribers don’t want to hear from you, you ensure the “dead weight” in your database doesn’t bring down your email engagement metrics.

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